Halloween Costumes 2017

7 Tips for Dressing up this Halloween

  1. Don’t prepare the night before. If you procrastinate, you will be stressed out, which is something you don’t want to go through.
  2. Work with your body type. If you have curves, try going with costumes that compliment them. If not, go with looser ones that flow.
  3. Accessories are your friends. They will make your costumes so much better and help you stand out.
  4. If you’re a guy, don’t be afraid to use makeup. It can make a huge difference.
  5. Keep in character while in costume. It’s important to not just look like the character but also to act like the character. For example, try to research a few of the necessary catchphrases of the character you chose.
  6. Be very physical. Interact with people. Interaction is the key, people will love it.
  7. Have fun making and showing your costume. This is the main point of Halloween. Enjoy it!