Best Gas Grills 2018

gas grillWhich gas grill is the best one? Before you can answer this question, you need to decide first what type of grill is best for your needs.
Below you will find some tips on how to choose the perfect grill for your requirements and budget, as well as the features you might be interested to be included on the grill of your choice. Further below, you’ll find the top rated grill models, each with a brief review to give you the pros and cons.

How to Choose a Gas Grill – Tips

    1. If you are willing to spend a sum of around 100 dollars or more; the least expensive gas grill available in the market is portable gas grill. You may buy a mid-sized grill, which will cost you around 250 to 500 dollars. Mid-sized grills can cook up to 24 burgers at a time. If you want more cooking space, buying a larger grill will help.
    2. Apart from price, grills are rated by BTUs or British Thermal Units/hour. However, higher BTU does not guarantee faster heating of the grill. It does not indicate the grill temperature, but the quantity of natural gas or propane used. Higher BTU rating doesn’t mean that it will offer you better searing or faster heating.
    3. gas grill smokeSize of grill and BTU ratings are important factors, but your prime focus should be safety standards. The grill should be made of sturdy and durable material. Make sure that it does not have sharp edges. Also check whether the outside of the grill or parts such as handle or knobs get hot while cooking.
    4. The grill should heat up evenly to help cook uniformly at different temperatures.
    5. Grills often come with changeable parts, such as burners. Therefore, never forget to look for warranty. If you can’t get a lifetime warranty with appliances, look for those that come with at least five to ten years of warranty back up.
    6. Choose a durable grill. Though stainless steel grills are popular, they discolor easily. Once cleaned, even the brand new grill loses its shine and luster.

Best Gas Grills 2017

Portable or Small Type

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  • Char-Broil Quantum Gas Grill

Pros: Good overall performance. Has an electric igniter, 523 square inch folding slide shelf space, and 4 casters for easier moving.

Cons: Apart from the infrared burner, it is a pretty basic gas grill with no additional features.

Mid-sized Grill

  • Weber Genesis E-320

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Pros: Excellent overall cooking performance. Includes an electronic igniter, 4 casters, a side burner, stainless steel grates, and 815 sq. in. shelf space.

Cons: A bit costly for a mid-sized grill.


Large Grill

  • Weber Summit E-670

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Pros: Very good overall performance. Features include utensil hooks, a side burner, lit control knobs, a rotisserie burner, a searing burner, electronic igniter, a smoker burner, stainless steel grates, lighted cooking area, a 696 sq. in. of shelf space, and 4 heavy duty casters for easier moving.

Cons: Very expensive.


Some of the most preferred or in-demand features

  1. Infrared Burners – These types of burners were just recently introduced in the market. They are not just hotter than normal burners, but also effectively designed for rotisserie cooking and high heat searing. Rotisserie burners are great for those who love roasted food. In fact, make sure that electric motor and rotisserie spit are included in the purchase, as they are often separately sold to the customers.
  2. Premium grates are either porcelain-coated cast iron or stainless steel.
  3. Igniters – Electric igniters are now also found in medium-priced grills, which were once only available in high-priced ones. Electric igniters help lighting the grill more easily and faster in comparison to traditional push button style igniter. Moreover, old fashioned igniters require pushing repeatedly.
  4. grilling girlIf you want to keep food warm for longer time or make side-dishes, look for sideburners. Sideburners have earned popularity in very short time and have become one of the most popular equipment.
  5. Removable pan or grease tray is yet another handy feature, which makes cleaning much easier. The rise in demand of gas grills has increased the level of competition among manufacturers and driven them to offer more unique features. Nowadays, grills come with condement trays, a grill dedicated oven, and sliding racks for adjusting propane tanks.

Except the basic ones, the rest of the features offered in many products fall under the category of personal choice.

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